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7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Plumber 720-730-2837

With so many plumbing agencies coming up, hiring a reliable one can be difficult. However, asking these 7 questions can help you to choose the best plumbing professional for your needs.

  1. How long have you been in this business?

Although longevity does not guarantee the best services, a long-timer plumber that has been for decades in the business and has customers returning to them can be expected to be better than fresher agencies.

  1. Are you licensed?
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Do not take the word of your plumber for it. Always demand to see the license of the professional, given that so many of them do not have a proper license and you should never assume that your plumber has one. A licensed plumber is registered with some authority, whether at the local or the state level. You need to check your own area’s licensing rules. Working with an unlicensed plumber means working with a person who offers plumbing services without having passed an inspection.

  1. Is this your total cost?

As a thumb rule, you should obtain quotes from at least 3 plumbers. The majority of professional plumbers tend to provide customers with free estimates, and you should stay away from anybody who offers a quote verbally – possibly on phone. Most of them are likely to come to your place to make a survey of the task, before initiating work. Once any of the plumbers look at your task and quote a figure, check whether he has quoted costs for labor, materials etc and also a contingency for probable issues. While a few estimates look fantastic, these are great only on paper and include just the price of the materials. The cost is likely to climb as the task progresses.

  1. What is your average response time?

If you need emergency plumbing services at any time, you have to look for an agency that offers same-day, prompt services. Even of emergencies do not crop up, fast services can make life easier for you.

  1. Who will be offering the services?

Often, professional plumbing agencies hire multiple plumbers. For bigger projects, a team of plumbers might be hired. Always make sure that the plumber offering the quote to you is the one who will be handling the task. In case he replies in the negative, ask who the person actually in charge of the project will be, how much his qualifications are and the experience level that he has. In case he fumbles in answering or is uncomfortable while responding, you might like to look for some other professional.

  1. Who will be cleaning the mess up?

It might seem obvious that the plumbing contractor will be responsible for the cleaning up, do not automatically assume that. A few plumbing agencies have nothing more to do with the premises after finishing their work, and you can expect to be left with a big mess, boxes for plumbing components and old parts to clean up. Always find out whether the plumber’s quote includes cleanup as well. A few agencies might charge for cleaning up additionally to the job that is completed. The expense might be worthwhile, but you should not forget about asking.

  1. What if anything breaks?

Prior to signing an agreement, ask about the type of warranty or guarantee that is offered along with the plumbing services. A few plumbers promise to fix any issues or do some repairs in case issues crop up within 6 months or 1 year from the date of completion of the task. Others offer warranty only on bathroom components or under some conditions, such as in case of a leak. Ensure that you are given a written warranty.