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7 Tips When Hiring a Plumber to Install a Bathtub or Shower Denver, CO

August 22, 2021

7 Tips When Hiring a Plumber to Install a Bathtub or Shower 720-730-2837


Bathtubs and showers are important accessories in the bathroom. Sometimes people are tempted to install them on their own under the DIY method. Installing them by DIY project can be risky and can cause future plumbing problems. Professional plumbers should be hired for installing bathtubs or showers in the bathroom. The key tips which should be considered for hiring a plumber for installing a bathtub or shower are as follows:

Is the Plumber Licensed

Customers should check if the plumber is licensed. In most states, plumbers need license to practice plumbing professionally. This means that they should possess basic minimum skills, experience, and expertise for working as a professional plumber. Licensed plumbers are trained and have the expertise to provide plumbing solutions. The customers should check their license before awarding them the work.

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Relevant Experience

The customers should verify the previous experience of plumbers in installing bathtubs and showers. Plumbers having sufficient experience in similar type of works should be preferred and awarded the work.

Past Client Details

One of the most important criteria for evaluating plumbers is the feedback of their past clients. plumbers should be asked about their past client details and the past clients can be contacted for understanding the quality of work done by them. Generally, professional plumbers will readily share their past client’s details. If a plumber is unwilling to share such details then it may mean that they do not have satisfied clients or they are new to the business. Such plumbers should be avoided. 

Written Estimates

The customers should check whether the plumber is providing a written estimate for the work to be done. Professional and reputed plumbers will give a written estimate for the work. The customers should collect at least 3 written estimates from different plumbers and then award the work to the best estimate. The benefit of getting a written estimate is that the plumber cannot charge extra after the work is awarded to them.

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Payment Terms

The payment terms of the contract should be discussed before awarding the work. It will be better if the customer and the plumber can enter into a written contract clearly defining the scope of work and payment terms. This will remove any ambiguity and conflicts between both the parties in future. Plumbers who demand the entire amount upfront should be avoided.

Is the Plumber Insured

A good plumber will be insured. The customers should check with the plumbers about their insurance and should also verify the validity of the insurance. If the plumber causes further damage while installing the bathtub or shower, then the cost for fixing of the damages will not have to be borne by the customer, rather it will be paid by the insurance provider.


A reputed and professional plumber will be confident about their quality of work and they will provide warranty on the parts and work done. The customers should inquire with the plumbers about the warranty terms they offer. Plumbers who do not offer any warranty may do sub-standard work and should be avoided for installing the bathtub or shower.

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