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Broken Toilet? Top 7 reasons to call a Plumber Denver, CO

June 18, 2017

Broken Toilet? Top 7 reasons to call a Plumber 720-730-2837

If you have a broken toilet at home, it is important that you call a plumber immediately. You may use the services of a professional plumber for numerous reasons, whether it comes to setting up a new fixture or repairing water leaks. These are the top 7 reasons why you need to call a plumber.

  1. Leaks

You can possibly find bubbling of paint on the bathroom walls, or possibly the formation of a puddle under the sink. No matter what the source of the leak is, you can get the assistance of a plumbing professional in repairing the issues and prevent new leaks from occurring. Some of the commonest causes of leaks include clogging of pipes, failing parts, a shift in your home’s structure etc. A plumbing professional can detect the source of any leak and fix the damage.


  1. Low water pressure

If there is low water pressure, and you are not enjoying the bathing experience offered by your luxurious showers, a plumber can assist you. Problems with valves, city service, clogged pipes etc are some common reasons why there is low water pressure. Your plumber can check the situation and take proper steps to ensure that water pressure is restored in your home.

  1. Sink backing up

You can have a kitchen sink clogging for many reasons, such trying to put grease and food down the drain. Although you might first like to use products such as Drano, at times these can fail to address the issue. With a professional plumber, you can unblock your sink and restore normalcy to the draining of your sink. A professional plumber can suggest you ways to prevent such an occurrence, such as setting up a sink strainer of fine mesh to prevent drain clogging due to food particles.

  1. Lack of hot water

At times, cold water can feel refreshing in the skin but not on a freezing day. While daily activities such as washing dishes or bathing can be made difficult by an absence of hot water, it can be tougher to handle dirty laundry. However, professional plumbers have knowledge of how to repair a broken water heater and restore the supply of hot water to your home.

  1. Sewer problems

You can possibly deal with a single clogged toilet with just a plunger. But if there are signs of some serious issues with your sewage system, you have to hire professional plumbing team. Problems with septic generally start slowly, but can snowball into bigger issues. You can find more than one drain getting clogged simultaneously, or there could be a backflow of water from drain to the other. Plumbers can address such issues in time, and prevent bigger problems in your septic system in the future.

  1. Emergencies

Emergency issues such as broken pipe, which can lead to flooding of homes and damages to belongings, can be handled quickly by professional plumbers with the right tools and equipments. These have to be addressed as quickly as possible, and it is important to know about at least one professional plumber agency that offers these emergency services 24/7.

  1. Frozen Pipes

If you live in an area that experiences sub-zero temperatures during winter, your plumbing system can be damaged by ice and frost. Given that frozen water tends to expand, your pipes can develop cracks and the plumbing system can be damaged extensively. You should ask your emergency plumber to look at the pipe. Any trained plumber will first unfreeze the pipe and insulate it then in order to prevent the recurrence of the problem at anytime in the future.

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